Terms & Conditions

1. Accuracy

Bigholidayhouse.com (Big Holiday House Ltd) cannot accept legal responsibility and are therefore not liable for the accuracy of the property advertisements held on bigholidayhouse.com. The property particulars are the sole responsibility of the owner, company or agent of the property advertised and as a self edited site owners are obliged to update property details regularly and accurately. Prices of rentals displayed and exchange rates are subject to change and are an approximation of cost for the time period indicated, the cost of hire is to be agreed and confirmed between the hirer and the owner direct. Price ranges are based on a weekly stay unless otherwise stated.

Big Holiday House Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss of business or damage resulting from editing errors or omissions on the bigholidayhouse.com site. However we shall endeavour to make reasonable efforts to correct any errors or omissions brought to our attention within a reasonable timescale.

The property owner/advertiser in supplying both text and photographic materials acknowledges they have either copyright or copyright permission allowing bigholidayhouse.com to reproduce materials supplied for both promotional purposes and online listings.

The advertiser unconditionally indemnifies bigholidayhouse.com (Big Holiday House Ltd ) against any liability, loss or any cost which bigholidayhouse.com may incur by breach of copyright arising from it's use of the materials.

bigholidayhouse.com will make every effort to safeguard any photographic and/or editorial information supplied however, cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage of such material.

2. Website

Big holiday House Ltd reserves the right to omit, amend or edit photographic, editorial copy, hypertext links or websites submitted onto the bigholidayhouse.com site at it's discretion.

Bigholidayhouse.com reserves the right to determine the final layout, design and functionality of its website, and cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to business resulting from the position or design of the website.

Big Holiday House Ltd reserves the right to refuse any advertisement as deemed unsuitable or does not fit the criteria for the bigholidayhouse.com website.

All properties advertised must be available for self catering and accommodate groups of 8 or more either in one unit or a number of units which can be hired out together for a group.

3. Multiple Property Advertisements

A property advertisement on bigholidayhouse.com relates to one property named as the ‘principal property‘ additional properties owned by the same owner ,agent or company will only be featured with prior arrangement or by agreement with Big Holiday House Ltd. Small developments which can be hired as a whole will be featured with prior permission from Big Holiday House Ltd.

4. Use of the Website

In using this site you agree not to use it for any purpose that is prohibited or unlawful.

5. Liability

Big Holiday House Ltd does not warrant that the operation of the bigholidayhouse.com website will be error free or will be uninterrupted. In no event will bigholidayhouse.com (Big Holiday House Ltd) be liable to the advertiser for any direct or indirect damages of any nature including loss of profit however caused.

6. Payment

Payment for the advertisement must be paid after registering the property and prior to the property being displayed, unless arrangements for a promotional display have been made with bigholidayhouse.com

If payment is being made by Credit or Debit Card this can be processed online by PayPal. Payment by cheque should be made payable to Big Holiday House Ltd and posted to Big Holiday House Ltd, 3 Blackwell Rd, Barnt Green, Worcestershire, B45 8BT England. Properties will be registered on receipt of cheque and displayed on clearance of cheque, the twelve month subscription period will commence from clearance of the cheque.

7. Termination of Property advertisement.

If an advertiser wishes to cease advertising a property on bigholidayhouse.com before the end of the agreed subscription period, their property will be removed and full payment will be retained.

Should any of the following circumstances occur bigholidayhouse.com (Big Holiday House Ltd) will terminate the advertisement and payment will be retained.

  • Receives substantiated complaint/ complaints or grievances from any number of website users regarding misrepresentation of a particular property or its location or its surroundings.
  • If an advertiser knowingly double books a property or engages in as Big Holiday House Ltd deems to be unprofessional or unacceptable practices.
  • If an advertiser attempts to submit unsuitable material on the bigholidayhouse.com database or website, or persistently misuses the online systems in place.
  • If an advertiser does not follow the guidelines for advertising their property/ies (as set out in the Join Us section).
  • If a property brings the site into disripute or tarnishes the reputation of the Big Holiday House name by numerous means including; not replying to users, quality of accommodation, cleanliness and/or what is deemed to be false or misleading advertising.

In addition Big Holiday House Ltd has the right to remove any additional properties owned or run by the same owner, agent or company displayed on the bigholidayhouse.com website. No refund will be made.

Late deals

Late deals added are the responsibility of the owners and promotional prices advertised are to be honoured. Only short break, week or fortnight blocks will be accepted in the Late Deals section. No more than 1 Late deal entry per property listing will be allowed at any one time. Late deals are deemed to be dates within 12 weeks of publishing, outside of 12 weeks contact us to add to our Social Media pages. All discounts offered are to be a minimum of at least 5% discount, 'original' price should be a genuine price as previously featured on the BHH site and the owners own site if they have one. Any advertiser found breaching these rules will have their listing removed.

Abuses such as:

Block entries lasting 3 weeks or more, discounts deemed as not to be genuine, nominal discounts from 0-15 pound sterling or euros for a week will not be permitted and may be removed by Big Holiday House Ltd automatically to avoid false advertising.

Privacy Policy

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Data Policy

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All property information displayed on the http://www.bigholidayhouse.com website has been provided by the advertisers. The accuracy of all property details is the sole responsibility of the property owner/advertiser. Big Holiday House Ltd will not be held responsible for any omissions, errors or claims arising from an advertisement. We strongly recommend that all bookings, conditions and arrangements are confirmed in writing with the individual property owner/manager. We also recommend you take out appropriate holiday insurance and breakdown cover.